A structured organisation, operating business units in different sectors, that for over 40 years has been bringing Italian-made excellence to the world.

A certified company management method that goes well beyond compliance with industry standards.
Ancestral values, such as dedication, growth, cohesion, ethics and skills, are the driving force behind a cohesive team that is passionate about the maritime world.

Our mission

Changing the rules of supply in the nautical sector, helping shipbuilding progress towards a more dynamic and streamlined future and overcoming outdated habits.

Our vision

Our Mission is to bring together materials of excellence and create extraordinary environments with a view to offering seafaring and yachting enthusiasts welcoming, sophisticated surroundings, characterised by a distinctive style.

We pursue our mission through constant research into the needs of the industry and the best materials in the world, so as to offer only the very best for refitting and outfitting boats, in the most current and top-performing variants.

Our certifications

Over the years, we have obtained several certifications to monitor and certify the quality of in-house processes, to ensure quality standards in line with the code of ethics and the values of Supremasea®.

The best materials on the market

A highly sophisticated and competitive environment such as the nautical world needs advanced solutions.

This is why, unlike most suppliers in the sector, Supremasea® does not supply just one material, but puts together a product selection that is renewed every year based on the trends and needs of the nautical refitting industry.

It is a comprehensive range, including all the materials needed for refitting and outfitting a luxury yacht. A selection of excellence, of unrivalled completeness.


Unmatched protection

The activities of several professionals working together during the various stages of materials transport, outfitting and refitting of a luxury yacht will often cause some small scratches, stains, dents.

To restore damaged materials to their full splendour, a further intervention by specialised craftsmen is therefore necessary.
Hence the need to protect luxury boats and all their valuable materials (leather, faux leather, cushions, carpeting, furnishings) most effectively so as not to incur extra costs, and avoid wasting time, reworking and unpleasant situations.

At Supremasea® we have always been in the business of protecting valuable materials. We do this with a range of approved protective films and tapes for the temporary protection of the most delicate and precious materials.
A selection of our products has been specially developed by our R&D department for the nautical world, which has unique needs and peculiarities that cannot be overlooked.


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